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Your generous support empowers us to continue our mission of demystifying Adventism and empowering believers around the world. By contributing, you help us create more educational resources, provide critical insights, and reach more people with the Gospel of God's sovereign grace.

Eternal Impact

How Your Donations Help

Every dollar you donate contributes to the strength and reach of our mission. Here's how your support empowers our efforts:

Each donation brings us closer to our goal of bringing the Gospel to every Adventist worldwide. Support our mission and be a part of this Gospel-centered transformative journey.
Every Dollar Helps

Ways to Give

Your generosity empowers our mission. Here are simple and secure ways you can support us:

Monthly Membership: Behind the Curtain

Join our exclusive club of committed supporters who not only contribute monthly to our cause but also gain unprecedented access to our inner workings. Here's why our supporters are thrilled about this membership:

  • Exclusive Access: As a member of "Behind the Curtain," you unlock a trove of unique video content, insights, and resources that are not available to the public. This platform gives you an all-access pass to the heart of our operations.
  • Sustained Impact: Your ongoing support helps us plan long-term initiatives and projects. With steady funding, we can reach more Adventists and equip more Christians.
  • Ease of Management: We'll send you an invoice every month, making it simple for you to keep track of your donations.
  • Secure Payment: Your donations are processed through Stripe, a trusted global payment platform.
One-Time Donations

If you prefer, you can also make a one-time donation. Every contribution makes a significant difference and helps us bring our mission to life.

  • Immediate Influence: With your one-time donation, you immediately empower our efforts in creating unique video content, insightful resources, and fostering Christian communities. Your contribution will be put to immediate use in our mission.
  • Signifincant Impact: Your donation significantly impacts our mission, enabling us to plan and execute initiatives that reach out to more Adventists and equip more Christians. Every donation counts and brings our vision to life.
  • Hassle-Free Process: Donate at your convenience with a one-off payment. We'll send you a receipt for your donation, making it easy for you to track your contribution.
  • Secure Payment: Rest assured, your donation is processed through Stripe, a trusted global payment platform, ensuring a secure transaction every time.

We are deeply grateful for your support, whether you choose to give monthly or make a one-time donation. Every dollar brings us closer to our mission – All for God's glory – Soli Deo Gloria!

The Power of Your Generosity

Recognizing the essential role donors play in our mission and the special rewards they receive in return.

  • Donor Updates: Receive regular updates on the impact of your donation. See how your contributions are fueling our initiatives and changing lives.

  • Exclusive Newsletters: Be part of our donor community with exclusive newsletters. Discover in-depth articles, special announcements, and more that we share only with our valued supporters.

  • Invitation to Special Events: As part of our appreciation, you'll be invited to attend special events, webinars, or live-streams. Engage directly with our team and be a part of our vibrant community.

Sharing The Gospel With Seventh Day Adventists
Support Evangelism For Seventh Day Adventists
Former Sda Leaves For The True Gospel

When I was questioning my Adventist beliefs, Answering Adventism became my lifeline. I found answers, healing, and a community. Now, as a donor, I'm privileged to give others the same chance to find clarity and peace.

Naomi Washington

Former Adventist

Untitled Project (27)

The support I received from Answering Adventism during my transition out of Adventism was invaluable. Now, I'm a proud donor because I know my contribution gives others the opportunity to have their voice heard in these vital conversations.

Levi Goldberg

Former Adventist

Untitled Project (31)

As a Christian, my heart ached when I learned about the struggles of those entwined in Adventism. Through Answering Adventism, I've been able to lend support to those in need. My donations are more than just money; they're an extension of my prayers and goodwill.

Elijah Thomas


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